The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers


Flowers have been captivating humanity for generations, not just for their beauty but also for the emotions and messages they convey. This secret language of flowers, known as floriography, has been used throughout history to express feelings and sentiments.

Whether you're conveying love, appreciation, or sympathy, flowers have a unique ability to convey sentiments in ways that words sometimes cannot. So, the next time you send or receive a bouquet, take a moment to appreciate the hidden meanings behind the blooms and allow the language of flowers to speak volumes on your behalf.

Alstroemeria, aspiring

Amaryllis, dramatic

Baby’s Breath, everlasting love

Bells of Ireland, good luck

Carnation pink, gratitude

Carnation red, pure love

Carnation striped, refusal

Carnation white, remembrance

Carnation yellow, cheerful

Chrysanthemum general, cheerfulness/rest/you're a wonderful friend

Chrysanthemum bronze, excitement

Chrysanthemum white, truth

Chrysanthemum red, sharing

Chrysanthemum yellow, secret admirer

Delphinium, boldness/fun

Daisy, innocence

Fern, magic

Gladiolus, generosity

Heather, solitude

Hibiscus, delicate beauty

Holly, domestic happiness

Hyacinth, sincerity

Hydrangea, thank you for understanding

Iris, inspiration

Ivy, friendship

Larkspur, beautiful spirit

Lavender, love and devotion

Lily general, purity of the heart

Lily calla, beauty

Lily tiger, wealth

Lily white, innocence & purity/sweetness

Lily yellow, gratitude

Lisianthus, calming

Myrtle, good luck/love in a marriage

Oak, strength

Olive Branch, peace

Orchid, love/beauty/refinement/wisdom

Peony, healing

Pine, humility

Queen Anne’s Lace, delicate femininity

Ranunculus, radiant

Rose peach, modesty

Rose lavender, enchantment/love at first sight

Rose pink, admiration/appreciation

Rose red, passionate love

Rose red & white, unity

Rose white, purity

Rose Yellow, friendship

Snapdragon, gracious/fascinating/protection from evil

Star of Bethlehem, hope

Stargazer, ambition

Statice, success

Stock, bonds of affection

Sunflower, adoration

Tulip pink, caring

Tulip purple, royalty

Tulip red, declaration of love

Tulip white, forgiveness

Tulip yellow, hopelessly in love

Tulip violet, faithfulness


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